Stone Soup Aquaponics Greenhouse

Worcester Roots along with community partners are building an aquaponics greenhouse in Worcester’s Main South district to bring healthy, locally-grown produce to area hospitals, schools, businesses, and residents. The goal is to build a sustainable, local, food system that is responsive to the need of community residents, restaurants and local institutions.

Media coverage from the Ribbon Cutting:


Jacques Ave Urban Bioshelter

cheriesThis project encompasses creating a year-round selfsustainable urban food production system inside a bioshelter located on an abandoned lot in Worcester’s Piedmont neighborhood. Green energy, compost, and rainwater were considered as alternatives to fossil fuels.

This project is a collaboration between Worcester Common Ground, WPI and other community organizations to revitalize a blighted property and tranform it into a productive community asset.

Construction of the bioshelter is slated for spring 2016.