Mushroom Workshop

Introduction To Mushroom Cultivation: Fungi as the bridge to a clean and regenerative world

Half Day Immersion Course with Seth Mansur from the Edible Lot Permaculture Farm

11am – 3pm on Saturday, July 1st, 2017

at Stone Soup, 4 King St, Worcester, MA


This intensive and inclusive seminar will encompass all aspects of medically and nutritionally important fungi. No experience necessary, attendees will receive expert instruction that will satisfy both beginner and advanced growers and foragers, beginning with the cultural and environmental skills needed to cultivate high quality medicinal mushrooms at any level. The course is broad in scope and covers basic mushroom identification skills, the historical and future uses of medically important fungi, basic laboratory skills, overview of outdoor and indoor cultivation methods. Highlights of the workshop include:

  • Indoor Cultivation of Medicinal Fungi (Oyster)
  • Outdoor Cultivation of Medicinal & Functional Fungi (Shiitake & King Stropharia)
  • Participants will take home an inoculated straw log
  • Fully deconstructed demonstrations showing home growing procedures
    • Straw logs
    • Wood chip beds
    • Plug logs
    • Totem poles

All workshop participants will leave with a mini straw log with oyster mushrooms and an inoculated log with shiitake mushrooms.

Are you looking to get started asap? The following starter kits will provide everything you need to get started! Contact Seth in advance if you would like to have your order ready for the day of the workshop, orders can be place at the workshop or afterwards too.

Magic mushrooms / illegal substances will not be discussed at this workshop.

Free on-street parking available.  Workshop is wheelchair accessible, interpretation into Spanish and childcare available upon request.

Event organized by Greenvitalize Urban Growers, Worcester Roots / Healing Garden Project, and Seth Mansur from the Edible Lot Permaculture Farm.

All participants must register (below). You can pay at event or Pre-Pay Here:

Sliding Scale Amount

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